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Thread: ClassicNick on Turbo_Nick

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    Default ClassicNick on Turbo_Nick's Turbo Nick has episodes of Clarissa Explains it All, an episode and two shorts of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and an episode of The Secet World of Alex Mac under "Nick Rewind" and old episodes of Rugrats and Ren & Stimpy under Nicktoons.

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    wachted clarissa,a ren and stimpy,even the all that,and i was having a,i'll wacth ned's's a great should wacth it.

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    the link's not working anymore.

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    Ned's Declassified is one of the few good "new" nickelodeon shows out there. I enjoy it as much as some of the classics, although I wish Nick would update TurboNick more often.

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    acutally,ned and invader zim ARE the last good shows on nick,excluding farily oddparents and jimmy neutron,which are alright.acutally,zim is my favorite show ever on nick.

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    anyone know what's on turbonick now?

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