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Thread: Double Dare Article At Splitsider

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    Default Double Dare Article At Splitsider

    The person who did the Geoff Darby interview I linked to elsewhere has now done an in-depth article about Double Dare... a fascinating read, I will say.

    It does note that the author is working on a book about the early years of Nickelodeon. If it is as in-depth as his Double Dare article is, then that book should be a great read.
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    Really a nice post to read.. Thanks for sharing..

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    You may have fond memories of Double Dare's super-sloppy obstacle courses .... When it was discovered this title could not be used, “Double Dare just ..... Was hoping for a shout out to "Harvey," but awesome, incredibly thorough article! ... Review: How Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Lift Up Gravity.
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