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Thread: Request episodes from Amazon !!!!

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    Default Request episodes from Amazon !!!!

    Go to amazon .com and type in “Cant do that on television. It will pull up a page for you to request the DVD.
    “Availability: NOT YET RELEASED: The studio is currently not producing this title on DVD, but to be notified when it is available, enter your e-mail address at right. You'll also be voting for this release; we'll let the studio know how many customers are waiting for this title.”

    Everyone put in their Email address lets get this DVD out there.

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    Default Have WTYO at Amazon too

    WTYO should be a bonus for YCDTOTV if it comes to amazon. It was a big part of YCDTOTV plus it helped YCDTOTV become a network TV show. Jim Clarke found some clear quality ones plus CTV may have all of them but are keeping it from us. I really want to see the missing ones as I remember seeing them air on YTV. One of them was Educational Programming when Moose was the Nanny and Kevin Somers was the Don't Bee, another one was when Kevin Schenk was doing a cereal commercial and when he eats the cereal his tongue gets bitten by the free toy inside the cereal box and the third one was when Schenk was trying to hide from getting kissed by his Aunt Agatha (Played by Ruth Buzzi) and he was wearing his sailor suit like he did in the pilot ep and in the Summer Camp one too but Aunt Agatha in the end is only interested in kissing Kevin Somers. I can't remember if there were musical guests in these shows but I think only half of the episodes had the guests and those are the ones that exist so I don't think we're missing any of the bands than what we saw on the copies we have. I am upset the person who taped Drama Lessons and Fan Letters/Summer Camp when it aired on YTV stopped copying when the guests came on which were Max Webster and Ian Thomas.

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    He didn't stop. He taped over them because he thought the show would be on forever.
    "Without a song or dance, what are we? So I say 'Thank you for the music', for giving it to me...."

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    Default Have WTYO at Amazon too

    Not very smart. I hope Jim Clarke will get back to us about the clear quality ones he found at CJOH Does anyone know how to contact him than email? I have tried that.

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    Well, how is anyone supposed to know when a show is going to be pulled from air?

    Jim can take a while to reply to emails, don't worry.
    "Without a song or dance, what are we? So I say 'Thank you for the music', for giving it to me...."

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    What the hell is this? ^

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