However, there are some lingering questions about the state of Illinois' role and where all of the money went to the construction and other workers in making this the most prominent museum honoring the media in the USA (sorry, New York and Los Angeles).

Anyways, here is the big news according to Robert Feder of Time Out Chicago:

Bottom line, make a visit. Explore the archives, albeit only 10 percent is digitized. Yes, I grew up in an era where VHS video tape was aplenty.

And hopefully, someone will be smart to donate a bunch of episodes to the archives so future generations can see the laughs that we as loyal fans were mostly fortunate enough to see firsthand.

After almost nine years, this ends my periodic updates on the construction (or lack thereof).

Hopefully, another Radio Hall of Fame will be coming. Please don't forget to vote your favorites--I am sure there are tons of YouTube clips honoring the legends of yesteryear.

Happy 25th Anniversary, MBC. Let us all hope and wish that the next 25 years will be even better!

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Here are the hours of when they are open. Just a few small changes from years past when they were at their second home above a bunch of commuter trains in the heart of Chicago's Loop inside the one-time home of the Chicago Public Library:

Enjoy! Have fun.