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Thread: Pre-Order You Can't Do That on Film Now!

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    Hey, that's cool! I live in Richmond myself.

    Glad you're enjoying the film. I think it's a great example of a committed fan doing a great service for his fellow fans. Hopefully renewed interest in the show will follow.
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    Well, I shouldn't watch while tipsy. lol Last night I had company over. I started watching (and made that last post) after they'd left. I was so anxious to watch, but I only got through the first part of the first DVD and passed out right after. It's Saturday morning for me now, so I'm going to try to watch some more of it. I liked the interviews in that first part (especially Adam Reid), and it's cool that Cyndi got interviewed as well as Rodney Helal. I'm not done with the DVD yet, of course, but I would like to know why some of the actors/actresses left the show, especially those around for only 1979 and Whatever Turns You On, like Jim Stechyson and even Cyndi (unless age was the issue).

    Oh, I caught an ep of Whatever Turns You On, the first one. It was interesting. I know Ruth Buzzi, but she looked the most familiar as the teacher. Did she ever use that persona or character on Laugh In? That's the only reason I know of her...seeing reruns of Laugh In back in the 80s.
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    My copy arrived yesterday and I watched it after my family (who was visiting for Thanksgiving) returned to their motel. I liked the documentary and agree with everyone who has mentioned just how insightful Adam Reid was regarding the show. And it was great to see David catch up with Roger Price... I still need to watch the extended interview David did with him.

    It was a nice bonus to have the SlimeCon highlights and that 2008 pilot included.

    It would be nice to see if Shout Factory would work to get the rights to the original series... Shout seems to be very good at getting cult series and short-lived programs released. One of those I have is the Max Headroom complete series... now there's a show that may be comparable to YCDTOTV in one respect, in that it was more sophisticated with its writing.
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