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Thread: Christine McGlade is not responsible...

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    Default Christine McGlade is not responsible...

    ...For the outfits in which she appears.

    This line shows up in the credits sometimes. Anyone know the story behind it?

    It's either one of the running jokes, or a hint that Christine wasa bit ashamed of some of the clothes they put her in, and wouldn't dress that way in real life.

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    I hope they weren't her outfits, otherwise she would have had all her clothes ruined with slime by the end of her run.
    Though I notice she gets slimed in the classic striped sweater on more than one occasion-she gets the rainbow slime in it and the prime slime slime, so they must have been able to clean out the clothes. And I think both those slimes were even on the same episode.

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    It seems like she and Lisa wore a lot of the same outfits, particularly in 1983, so I think a lot of them (at that time anyway) belonged to the show. It's interesting that Christine even takes a moment in the Inequality episode, prior to her monologue, to register a protest against the outfit they put her in for that episode. "Yeah, right, equality; look what they're making me wear!"
    "Now me, I play for fortune
    And those velvet curtain calls
    I've got a black limousine and two gentlemen
    Escorting me to the halls
    And I'll play if you have the money
    Or if you're a friend to me
    But the one-man band
    By the quick-lunch stand
    He was playing real good
    For free..."
    -Joni Mitchell

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    Which episodes does this line appear in the credits in?

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    The disclaimer appears in all of the 1983 episodes.
    Rob Homa
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