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Thread: 1979 Season of YCDTOTV

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    Exclamation 1979 Season of YCDTOTV

    And now -- the site update that you never thought you'd see...

    The complete 1979 season of YCDTOTV is now listed right here on our site! In another exclusive from The Slime Society, I've got summaries, stats and images from the 14-episode first season of You Can't Do That on Television. Head on over to the EPG and check it out!
    David Dillehunt
    Director, "You Can't Do That on Film"

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    Now If we get only see the Missing 11 episodes of Season 1 that would be Awesome!

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    Oh my. Thank you, David!!

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    David I want u to know thank you for sharing the info about the Complete 1979 season & hopefully u will send to me by email & I hope your mother get all the care she needs during this time.

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    To add to what David said, Ric and I have also gone through and revised the entire episode guide. Ric was able to take many pages of code and consolidate it down to just a few. In addition, I went through and checked every episode for accuracy and we made corrections for about 1/3 of the episodes.

    In future updates, we will refresh the episode synopses to make them more comprehensive and also rewrite some of the trivia to take out some of the more subjective commentary. Hope you enjoy and be sure to contact Ric at with the subject line "EPG Correction" if you find any other errors that we missed.
    Rob Homa
    Slime Society "Info Dude" since 1995!

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    Thank you David!!! And thank you Rob and Ric for your episode guide revisions.
    The 1979 episode guide is truly a remarkable treasure trove of legendary YCDTOTV information.

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    Now that we have the complete 1979 season, the statistics for that season can be changed from Inconclusive and the missing slimings, waters, and pies can be added in.

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    Can I put in a vote for retaining the "subjective commentary"? This is a fan site; it's okay to be subjective.
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    Thanks, mcquinnfan. It's been so long ago, but if I remember correctly, it was Will Dyess and I who put together the trivia and other info for the season one episode guide. Though, Will did a larger percentage than I did.

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    Let me just say, I don't mind at all if you go ahead and change all you want that I wrote! I'll bet you guys can do a better job of it than I ever did anyway, especially now that you have all this new information at your fingertips. (Not that you even NEED my permission anyway, of course!)
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