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Thread: A few inquiries

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    Another inquiry. Did Roger Price like Jono for the dungeon scenes? Seems he was always there (and I'm not referring to just the 1981 season of YCDTOTV as both he and Kevin Somers were stuck doing those roles given their ages, but for WTYO). Of course I can't say for the 1979 season of YCDTOTV as all the episodes have yet to surface (*crosses fingers for them to all be available in some form someday along with unedited 1981 season eps*). Seems for the 1979 season, from the bit I've seen Jim and Tim were used for the dungeon scenes a lot (too bad Jim wasn't around past then, I liked him).
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    I was told quite explicitly NOT to link Alasdair romantically to anyone onscreen, that Alasdair's romantic interest should always be unnamed and unseen, so that girls in the audience could imagine themselves in the role. Of course, Roger then went and broke his own rule with Alanis, and in a rewrite of my own "Music" episode to boot. It's nice to be in charge.

    And while we're talking about Christine, don't forget the dungeon sketch in "Outer Space," where Nasti gives Adam Reid a telescope, which he uses to peer into Christine's dressing room. Nasti then says, "You call that exciting? You have been in here too long."
    lol See, this is what I mean and I'm so glad you replied. How is it decided who gets written into those situations and which ones aren't? As pointed out (which I forgot), seems there was a bit of Lisa x Kevin K implications. Who knows. I'm just curious how it was decided.
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    I agree about Rodney could had stayed one or 2 more years. He also starred in UFO Kidnapped.
    I take back what I said about Alisdair. He didn't really "grow over night", but my goodness, Kevin K surely did! Rodney hadn't, so I was surprised when he said they were getting too old. I know of UFO Kidnapped. I'm going to look it up later to see if it's on YT or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssjup81 View Post
    As pointed out (which I forgot), seems there was a bit of Lisa x Kevin K implications. Who knows. I'm just curious how it was decided.
    Roger would get ideas for stuff like that from watching the way the kids interacted in their drama classes and off the set. Some of it was probably rooted in reality, but I suspect a lot existed only in his imagination.
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    lol. Did little Dougie and Vanessa bicker like an old married couple during drama classes since they were romantically linked? lol

    That aside thanks. I'm really curious now about the whole Marc liking Moose thing and the whole Rodney and Lisa think but I know that's before your time there.
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    Check out Rodney's interview on this site. They ask him about Christine and he says: "My first crush." You can almost hear the soft sigh beforehand.
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    Peeking at Moose's dressing room from the dungeon? Wasn't there an episode where they say that Moose's dressing room WAS the dungeon?
    Sadly it was rare that she was shown in those scenes-but what really surprised me was how after they did that iconic dungeon scene with Vanessa-with the blue and green squares and the audience deciding her (inevitable) fate, that they never used her in another of those scenes. That might be the best Nasti scene ever-something about how truly sadistic he seems when he finds out he gets to slime her. She brought the devil out of him!

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    and speaking of someone who deserved the dungeon, I really think Alanis was the prototype for how mean all the girls were to the boys in later seasons. There always was a bit of a girls vs. boys vibe but with her it seemed downright malicious.

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    Hi again all. Another inquiry has come to mind. There's the 1981 episode, Sexual Equality. I'd known about Brodie's sliming scene being reshot, given how he was slimed because of how he was tricked into it. "Where's the Roving cam gong to be?" "I don't know." The other scene I noticed was obviously reshot was Rodney's getting pied (also a lot of Canada references for it). These episodes were done in 1981. To my knowledge, the show wasn't picked up and aired in the US until 1982. Was the show already picked up at that point in the US for the to have to reshoot them?

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    Oh yeah! Another inquiry. For the intros used for the US, I was wondering about the kids in the intro from the bus. I'm a bit dorky for this, but just wondering if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me...

    Kevin Somers
    Kevin Schenk

    Anyone else notice it? ^^
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    You are correct on the cast members coming off the bus. They were 6 of the principal WTYO cast which was re-used when they created the alternate 1981 intro.

    When Roger Price wanted to sell reruns of YCDTOTV internationally, they edited the 1981 episodes down from an hour to a half hour and removed (most) references to Canada or the location of the roving camera. I believe they shopped this edited show to several countries besides the US, but it was clearly Nickelodeon where it was the most popular. So much in fact, that the 1982 season was produced especially for Nickelodeon (per the credits). To answer your question, those scenes were re-shot beforehand as part of the effort to sell the show elsewhere.
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    WTYO was an awesome show. Sucks it was in such a poor time slot. For the WTYO intro, seems it was....

    Kevin Somers

    That aside thanks for answering about the reshooting of the scenes.

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