Since That Thread was closed for unknown reasons, I might as well open a whole new one. I was gonna post some new ones I thought of when it happened anyways.

Firing Squad Sketch:

(El Capitano prepares to fire while a Kid names James who is age 12, was playing with a Tablet which is a Kindle Fire HD)

El Capitano: Ready. Aim... (Pauses and looks at James with the Kindle Fire)What are you doing? You're suppose to get shot.

James (looks up to El Capitano): Oh I'm Sorry. I was playing Angry Birds on my Tablet.

El Capitano: He's got a tablet amigos (Him and the Amigos are laughing) What is a Tablet?

James: It's the newest device today. It's handy for using the internet, taking pictures, doing blogs, and play games.

(James hands El Capitano the Kindle Fire as he stands in front of him in firing range.)

El Capitano: Let me see there. It's everything you said. I recognize this name. It says Kindle FIRE.

(Gunshots Fired at El Capitano)

El Capitano: Ohhhh. (Hands The Kindle Fire to James) You may go now.

James: Thanks (He walks off screen)

El Capitano: That's One...Sneaky ...Kid. And One Sneaky Device. (Falls to the Ground)