Hey slimies. If any of you are Dr. Who fans, as I am somewhat, you know the story of how many episodes were not in the BBC archives, and were presumed lost. If you follow the story, every now and again, a thought-lost episode or two will surface, but there were still more than 150 missing episodes.

Well, according to this video:


a collection in Africa was found to include EVERY still-missing episode! BIG NEWS!

2013 has been a great year for TV historians. The recovery of a complete archive of my 2 favorite shows with lost episodes. First, You an't Do That on Television discovers all 10 previously thought missing 1979 episodes, along with an extra no one knew existed, to complete the archive. Then, all of Dr. Who finally comes to light!

Expect a full, archival quality DVD of the full series of both shows someday.Quite possibly with a mini-documentry of how the missing episodes were re-discovered.