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    Are you going to post any more of the episodes to the episode guide?

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    Yes, but due to time constraints with my job right now (we just launched a new product), I am likely going to upload the eps with the audio sync issues and then stealth replace them as I fix them so that you guys won't have to wait for my schedule to clear up to at least watch them.
    Ric de Barros

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    I've uploaded through episode 7. I will try to get to the rest before next weekend. I was not able to fix the synching on these but will eventually once I have more time.
    Ric de Barros

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    Thanks Ric! Really appreciate it. ^_^

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    Is 1979 all that Roger Price archived, or is there a chance we'll be seeing the full hour long local versions of 1981 in the future?

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    I've been asking that too. ^^

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