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    Hey guys. To lift the lull that''s been haunting the forum the last few weeks, I thought I'd ask this once again.

    Does anyone have the "archive of Roger Price" versions of the 1979's, besides the premiere, with the disco dances and music performances intact? They were on yourtube for weeks, and SOMEONE must have ripped them. I onl managed to get the first episode, and every re-up I've seen has been the editted version. I don't mind the watermarks or the new ads, but without the music and disco segments, we're missing out on A LOT of what the show was about in the early days.

    since youtube isn't an option for these, maybe someone could upload to dailymotion or vimeo or something. Ideally, I'd love to see a torrent. And, if anyone needs the premeire in uncut format, just ask and I'll re-up somewhere.

    Ric said he'd be posting them in the episode guides, but so far I haven't seen any progress on that. I wonder what's up with the slowness of this site in the new year...

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    I'm also wondering what the status is for Roger trying to release the first season commercially (I can't see this happening). I'm still hoping for either HQ downloads or the old fashioned DVD/VHS circulation eventually. I'll be glad to finally include them with the rest of my otherwise "complete" collection.
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    I thought the tape trading days were over! lol

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    Never! Though these days, it's much more effecient to convert to DV and send the disc image over the intenet, I still enjoy tape trading immensely, even with physical VHS tapes through the mail. Alas, I only wish I could find a few more people to trade with...

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