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Thread: future world episode one of the best ever.

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    Default future world episode one of the best ever.

    one of my favorite episodes is future world or future , whjen i was 8 i saw that episode.
    and i still remember it, my favorite part of the episode is adialog beetween lisa and the teacher:
    lisa: sir when u grow out of teaching will u miss us kids.?
    teacher: i miss u now.
    teacher: evrything i say goes over your heads.
    still remember that after 20 :P :P :P

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    My favorite scene still is from the Priorities ep. This when Doug asks Mom, I think you love the refrigerator when then me and she goes "Yes! I do" and he starts crying.

    My other favorite scene is the one from the Transportation ep? Christine and Ross are reading thier lines to each other off of cue cards.
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    The cue card scene was in the Work episode... you were only one off

    Seemed Mom liked all of her other children, the neighbor's children AND her appliances more than poor Dougie.
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    ^ Don't forget the neighbor's cat!

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    ....he's dead
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    Default Where did that come from

    I think these above Posts just flew over my head!

    Where did that rolling face icon come from?
    "Multiple personality? They haven't got ANY personality on this show. Oh!"

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    Default I figured it out!

    It came from:

    I peeked () at his post through quoting and diddn't quote him.

    I got mine from
    Can green slime be a different color?

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