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Thread: Looking for ORIGINAL copy of "Worst Of" video

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    Default Looking for ORIGINAL copy of "Worst Of" video

    Hello there!

    Though I have the 1989 version already, I was wondering if anyone has an original factory made copy of "Nickelodeon Presents The Worst of YCDTOTV" that they wouldn't mind parting with. I am also still looking for the original 1987 version of "The Worst of YCDTOTV" (yes, unfortunately I have not yet come across a copy of the original version). If anyone has any of these, and is willing to help me out, please do and let me know. slime2005, are you out there, and do you still have your copy? Can you help me out? Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

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    check ebay for a dvd of the orignal 1987 version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kassandax View Post
    so? have you found??
    Nope. Not yet!

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