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Thread: SlimeCon 2004 DVDs out-of-print? May 2006 - DVD's are back!

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    Really? There was nothing ever on television? No one ever sold the broadcast rights to cable with all these channels trying to diversify their audiences? Then I understand the WTF?/ ROTFL. Oh well. You guys with the megapost counts are up on all this more than I am. I only recently web-searched for YCDTOTV after finding a few episodes on VHS while looking for master tapes of some original music I made years ago. Hadn't thought about YCDTOTV for years.

    But I could have sworn there was something on television back then. Maybe an ad? Somebody talking in a hallway. Were there any commercials for SlimeCon on any cable channels back then? Even the old MST3K con advertised on cable. One of few P-131 online pictures looked familiar.

    Must be that darn *deja vu* thing.... LOL Oh well. Sorry about that, everyone. My bad

    But, I found what I needed thanks to your board..

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    nice to know people doubt possible uploaders, I have the 2002 slimecon, but really I HAVE NO REASON TO UP IT ANYWHERE, atleast to my knowledge MYSPLEEN HAS IT on the YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION torrents (there are 3 again) Im still very discouraged that so many episodes talk is going on with EVERY EPISODE (well seas 2 and beyond) and the place to get it is listed here. sorry, but WHY?

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