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Thread: Wishful episode for You Can't Do That On Television:

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    Default Wishful episode for You Can't Do That On Television:

    "Famous People" will be seen on You Can't Do That On Television today. Episode is about "Famous people".
    In the episode of "Famous People" will like have:
    Roseanne Conner from the Roseanne Show.
    Bill Cosby
    Spongebob SquarePants
    The Kids From South Park like Kenny, Kyle, Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman
    Christina Aguilera
    Jessica Simpson
    Britney Speers
    Mario from Nintendo
    Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson
    Rob Base
    Roxanne Shante
    Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Daffney and their family

    In the sket will have:
    Roseanne getting slimed and watered.
    Bill Cosby gets slimed and laughs about it.
    Christina Aguilera gets slimed.
    Spongebob SquarePants gets slimed.
    Kenny gets 16-Tons dropped on his head, So the kids from South Park say, "Oh My God, They Killed Kenny!"
    Kyle and Stan get slimed and watered.
    Eric Cartman also gets 16-Tons dropped on his head, because the kids from South Park thought that Eric Cartman was chubby.
    Les Lye (Ross) says boy I sure do miss Christine!, I guess Christina Aguilera will have to do.
    Christina Aguilera and Mario from Nintendo talked to each other to get to know each other better. Mario from Nintendo asks Christina Aguilera her age, and Christina Aguilera says, "I'm not telling anybody my age, but I will tell you my middle name." Mario from Nintendo asks Christina Aguilera her middle name, and she says that her middle name is Maria.
    Christina Aguilera also talks to Mario from Nintendo, and asks Mario about how many question marks have you broken in the past? Mario says, "I Don't Know, I haven't count them in the past." Mario from Nintendo gets slimed, and then Mario says, "Oh Christina Maria Aguilera!" Christina Aguilera asks Mario from Nintendo, what do you want now? Oh!, I meant to say, "Oh Maria!", because thats what I say, whenever I mess up on a game, but I happened to get slimed, so I said, "Oh Christina Maria Aguilera!" Christina Aguilera says, "Well Mario, I hope your not mad at me, I just wanted to try out some of your games on the nintendo." Mario says well I was mad at you for a second, because of the green slime, but I forgive you now.
    It also has a sket about Christina Aguilera about what it's like to be a kid, and Christina Aguilera is with her parents. The parents in this sketch happen to be snakes, and it's about Christina Aguilera being raised by snakes. So when Christina Aguilera talks to her parents, the parents make the Sssss sound, like the snakes would, mainly because her parents are snakes in this sketch. Christina Aguilera is the human though. So the screen is going to have to display the words on the bottom, because the snakes can only make the Ssssss sound. Christina Aguilera talks to her parents (the snakes), and has a conversation with them. Only Christina Aguilera can understand the Sssss's from the snakes, that they are saying. That's why the words on the bottom of the screen have to be displayed, so that other people watching the show could understand. Christina Aguilera in this sketch also asks her parents (the snakes), if Christina Aguilera could go out on a date with her boyfriend. The parents (the snakes) make the Ssss sound to Christina Aguilera, that means no. Christina Aguilera asks her parents (the snakes), about why not?. The snakes make the Sssss sounds meaning, "Because you are grounded, now go to your room!" Christina Aguilera crys in tears, and then walks to her room.
    In the sketch also is going to have Roseanne Conner being in a room, of where there is a cassette recorder (the boom box), with a microphone and a sign saying that "Ann cannot record!" So Roseanne Conner grabs the microphone and trys to press the record button on the cassette recorder. So the cassette recorder spits out water into Roseanne's eyes surprisingly, and then the record button goes back up and stops recording. Roseanne says, "What kind of a boom box is this?" Roxanne Shante walks on by and says, "Well I tried rapping on the mic, but it did the same thing to me." Rob Base walks along and says, "Can't you read the sign?, It says that Ann cannot record!" Rob Base also says, "So that boom box thinks, that you are in Ann. So the names Roseanne and Roxanne, both have the name Ann, in their names. So therefore, you both cannot record!" Rob Base then tries out the mic and the boom box, and presses down on the record button. Rob Base then gets to happily rap on the mic and record on the boom box.
    In another sket has Christina Aguilera and her dogs as being rottweilers. Shaggy and Scooby Doo take a walk. All of a sudden Christina Aguilera lets the rottweilers out, and then surprisingly Scooby Doo is getting bit and attacked by the rottweilers. Shaggy tries to rescue Scooby Doo. Christina Aguilera then tells her rottweilers, to get back here, you bad dogs! Scooby Doo is okay, but with a scar on his neck. Shaggy and Scooby Doo, then walk on. Shaggy and Scooby Doo then see the rest of their family members by the van (the mystery machine). Shaggy then explains that poor Scooby Doo was attacked by some rottweilers. Daffney says, "Oh no!, you must be kidding." Shaggy says this is for real. Daffney then says, "Let me take a look at Scooby Doo." Daffney then says, "Yeah there is a scar on Scooby Doo's neck, lets call the police and report this to the lady, that had those rotten rottweilers." Daffney asks, "Do you know the address to this place?" Shaggy says it was just up the street; when we were walking. Daffney tells Shaggy and the man in the white shirt with blond hair (whatever his name was) about, "Why don't you and shaggy walk by that house and get the address to that house." So then they call the police about, "Scooby Doo getting bit by rottweilers, and report it to that lady, that had rotten rottweilers." So then the police says, "Well okay, I will send down the dog catcher to get those two rotten rottweilers." The dog catcher happens to be Barth. And then Barth catches the two rotten rottweilers.
    In another sket has Christina Aguilera, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo eating at Barth's Burgery. They all eat a hamburger that Barth prepared. They all say, these hamburgers taste more like hot dogs. They all say, "These hamburgers that all taste like hot dogs are delicious and spicey." Barth says, "I meant to call these hamburgers Rottweiler Wild Dogs!" Barth says, "I was finally able to make decent hamburgers or hot dogs, or whatever you want to call them, because those are rottweilers that I caught the other day, so I cooked up some rottweilers. Those are rottweilers, that you are eating." Shaggy and Scooby Doo say, "These are sure yummy!" Christina Aguilera crys into tears and says, "Oh no!, my poor dogs!" Shaggy says, "Wow!, we are eating Christina Aguilera's dogs that just bit Scooby Doo, the other day." Barth says, "Dah!, I heard that! Surprise in the hamburgers or hotdogs!"
    In another sket has that same old boom box with the sign saying that, "Ann cannot record!" has Britney Speers pressing the record button and starts singing on the mic. Britney Speers accidently farts, and then Britney Speers says, "Oh no!, I want to re-record this." So Britney Speers presses stop, on the boom box, and then it starts playing a Beatles song having Paul McCartney saying, "Britney Speers you are so cute! But I am still missing my cute girl friend, named Michelle." So the boom box starts playing the song Michelle by the Beatles. Britney Speers says, "Oh think goodness it did not record me farting." The boom box on the other hand starts having the Beatles with Paul McCartney saying, "And on the other hand here is a mix of Britney Speers farting on the mic that me and Cameron Paul Remixed." The boom box starts playing Britney Speers farts. Britney Speers gets embarrassed and says, "Oh no!, not me!"
    Another Sket that has that same old boom box again with the sign saying, "Ann cannot record!" Jessica Simpson grabs the mic and presses record on the boom box. This time the boom box breaks and quits working. Green Slime starts to spit into Jessica Simpsons face. Christina Aguilera walks on by and says, "Now look what you've done, you broke this boom box, that was purchased from Radio Shack! I was going to record on that boom box, but now I won't get to use it, because it's broken!"
    And any other sketches you could add to this episode.
    You Can't Do That On Television has been about true stories from famous people productions. Finally a decent show!

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    I taught of this

    what if the characters of Inuyasha had appeared on "You Can't do that on
    Television" a short idea than I taught in an hurry -_-;;

    Shippo: Inuyasha who do you love the more between Kikyo and Kagome? (Kikyo
    and Kagome arrived on the scene)
    Kikyo: Well....
    Kagome: We're waiting!
    Inuyasha (panic and can't decide): I don't know!

    (Green slime falls on Inuyasha)

    Inuyasha: What the....(blip)?
    Shippo (laughing): Hahahahahaha! I know you'll fall on this trap
    and...(don't end what he said because Inuyasha run after him) AHHHH!!!!

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    Default What if it was the other way around?

    What if they did a show, and YCDTOTV were pre-empted to bring a show, like "Heroes gets stupid costumes". It would still be YCDTOTV, but all the skits would be more like a parody of a show?

    I know, sounds kinda lame, sorry

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    A "Wireless Devices Show" OR 'Cell Phones", they could have the kids texting to eachother throughout the show and not paying attention.
    Can green slime be a different color?

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