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    For those who wanted to see this show on your TVs again, here's an idea: download the episodes. I can tell how to do it, because I'm currently doing it right now as I type this message: download and install a software called TubeDownload, and it lets you download off YouTube, then edit the episode by combining the 3 episode parts into 1 full-length file. I was able to find over 20 episodes (in 3 part pieces) and I'm editing them by conjointing them together and burning them to DVD. I'm currently working on my Volume 3 disc. Of course I'm not selling my newly burned DVD for money, that's illegal, it's just for me and my earliest childhood memories. Just wanted to give anyone who sees this topic any advice if there's someone besides me that wants to get old TV memories on DVD or something like that. And do keep note that if you're interested in my idea by downloading those TV episodes from YouTube, that being YouTube and old VHS TV recorded tapes the picture and sound quality is quite low, but clear enough you can make out the picture.

    PS: I'm sorry to learn tonight that Nickelodeon Stuidos in Florida had dissapeared 4 years ago. I had great memories of that place, which included watching a live production of the show "Legends Of The Hidden Temple," and "Gullah Gullah Island" during those tours. I wanted to go back and take a friend there, but I guess that'll never happen again.

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    Every episode available for download in its entirety at the above URL.

    That should hopefully make it easier for you.

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    I beat you to it. I DID find those downloadable episodes last week, and lately I have been spending my days editing those episodes (sound volume and commericals), and finalizing them to a file type that fits better on my DVD burning projects. I can get 7 episodes per disc, and still have room for bonus material. Right now I'm working on Volume 8's project, and then I have like 11 or 12 more to go until all 143, minus the missing ones from season 1, are on DVD-R. It's just too bad I had to loose 3 DVDs because I burned them before finding those downloads, but we all screw up here and there at times.

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    Default Downloading Episodes

    Ok, so, I'm trying to download episodes from datteboyo.
    When I press on the episode, a browser comes up, saying, 'do you want to open or save this file?' for either one, it says to choose a program to download it from - but whenever I press Windows Media or something, it says that the system won't work.
    Any help with which system I should use?

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    Thanks for your.....But I am having trouble downloading.......

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    What about the quality of videos above? worth download?

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    trying to download MAY BE HELPING

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    It’s Friday night and you want to rent or buy a movie, but you don’t want to face an empty shelf at the local video store or DVD rental kiosk. Or perhaps your DVD didn’t arrive in the mail, and there’s nothing on TV worth watching. That’s where a movie and TV show download service comes in.

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