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Thread: YCDTOTV fan episode preemptive

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    Default YCDTOTV fan episode preemptive

    I spotted by luck this YCDTOTV fan episode preemptive

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    Yikes - I don't know, but I have a feeling a lot of people would have been highly offended if that had been real. One thing YCDTOTV always did a great job of in the pre-empts was poking fun at the obvious without really being offensive or mean.

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    If I may rant for a bit.. This is the one pet peeve I have with YouTube and about 95% of all the fan-created homages to YCDTOTV... or for that matter any 'tribute' to any TV show.

    I'll start with the lesser of the evils first. MS Paint. This is 2007. A box and a pair of eyes would look better even if they were made using PowerPoint's AutoShapes feature. The You Can't crew, though they were on tight budgets, still managed to make a pre-empt caption slide that was of broadcast quality.

    Secondly, using Windows Movie Maker's less than stellar title/credit features. I don't necessarily put this YCDTOTV video in this category, but it was borderline. There are about fifteen Nicktoon tributes and eulogies for Nick Studios that start off with a blue or orange screen and that oh-so-creative Arial font.

    Thirdly, and most importantly... If this person really wanted to take this project seriously and still thought doing a Natalee Holloway joke would be permissible, I wish he would have spelled the poor girl's name correctly. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a really crappy tribute video made worse by the author's lack of proofreading. "Nick Stedios, Were gonna miss U..." "Rocco's Modern Life," and my favorite, "Ah, Real Monsters."

    And I'm not even going to start in on the Classic Nickelodeon tribute video that includes Rocket Power.

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    I agree, it was offensive, hence why I scrapped it. I was up until 3 trying to get ideas clear on a YCDTOTV project that I am going to work on this summer, but unfrtunately, the bad ideas came with it, to be implemented before being refined into quality in a mental desire to get SOMETHING done without thinking it through.... kinda why I did OK, but not very well at Math in school in the very very end.

    I think the creation was hasty now that I reflect upon it, and I am serious about this project so I am doing what really serious people do, go back and fix the problems to improve the quality, and image created by doing one of these projects.

    I should have gone with "Bill O'Reilly Loses His Bias" instead, a better taste, though seemingly cliche'd preemptive topic, or on that note my new favorite, "Fire at the Berenstain Bears" in which I did the basic outlining in paint I admit, which in of itself is not bad, but touched it to look better using filters provided with The GIMP, trying hard to my ability to not over-do it either. This was not the case with the preemptive on Youtube though. As I can see for myself now, I must kick myself in the ***, though just for a moment, for not following my gut feeling (and deleting that graphic, it was looking good touched up in GIMP)

    I don't have the real YCDTOTV font, so Boopee was a substitute for the time being, until I could get the real font, but I did not actually use the Windows Movie Maker default stuff - it was all image files - I am also switching to Jahshaka for my editing and whatnot for now on.

    Audio quality - no comment, but I warned beforehand of this.

    And no, I will not give up, I will learn from mistake and work with what I have, and within my ability to pull this project from borderline-95%-of-youtube-crap to much better, as I can do better than that, and I know it. I just have to show you that, and you have to show me that you will give me that chance.

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    You're right, 95% of the stuff on you tube is crap.

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