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Thread: New slime phrase suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by DontEncourageHim View Post
    In addition to the old standby "I Don't Know" (green slime),

    "I don't care" (red slime)
    "I don't understand" (yellow slime)
    "I don't think so" (blue slime)
    "I don't remember" (purple slime)

    Can anybody think of any others?
    How bout let's not. The original is perfect! No need to change!
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    Default Text2Slime

    How about if a castmember texts "I don't know" to the person next to them? It could go like this:

    (Castmember A texts "I don't know" to Castmember B.)

    A: Found a way to get past them now, huh?

    B: I don't know. Oops!

    (Both A and B green slimed.)

    A: You dummy!

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