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Thread: Favorite Cast Members?

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    Default Favorite Cast Members?

    My list of favorite cast members has not changed at all during the last time I saw this show... way back in the 80's, to now, thank you youtube! I think I've watched all the episodes that youtube has to offer by now.

    My 5 fave cast members back then and still are: Les, Christine, Lisa, Alisdair, and Adam, just about in that order too.

    Am wondering who everyone else's favorites are.
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    My favorite cast members (in no particular order) would probably be:

    Lisa Ruddy
    Alasdair Gillis
    Tim Douglas
    Kevin Kubusheskie
    Adam Reid
    Brodie Osome
    Christine McGlade
    Ben Schreiner
    Elizabeth Mitchell
    Kevin Schenk
    Jono Gebert
    Kevin Somers
    Vanessa Lindores

    Of course, for me, it changes all the time. But this list pretty much covers all the bases for me.
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    hooray a spambot. My favorites are probably Adam, Alasdair, Christine, Dougie, Lisa, Vanessa, and probably a few others I've forgotten. My real favorite is Les though.

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    I forgot to mention how much I also enjoyed the whole Vanessa vs Dougie thing. That never got old!
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    That was why I listed Dougie at all. I think if not for his spats with Vanessa I'd probably not have liked him as much as I did. No offense to him intended. It was just a great schtick.

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    Default favorite member

    It still had to be Lisa Ruddy. The hottest I saw her was when she was in the Wonder Woman outfit in episode 6. My imagination ran wild when I see that and still does now

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    I liked Christine, because her appearance resembles my favorite aunt on my dad's side, and Barth's type of humor reminds me of my father's type of humor.

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    Hands down - my favorite is KEVIN KUBUSHESKIE!!! I even had a cat I named after him!!

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    My favorites?

    Vanessa. She had a spunky attitude, and always came across very intelligent. She always seemed up for anything, and came back to the show twice(Age and Project 131) after quitting. I always thought she was smart, funny, cute, strong willed, and memorable. I always had a bit of a crush on her when I was a kid. I didn't realise just how much older than me she really was though... She had the rivalry with doug, the fat jokes at Moose, the glasses(or lack therof later on), and so much more.

    Matthew & Amyas Godfrey. I've got to put these two together. More than any of the other kids, they remind me of myself. I even had that same haircut in the 80's as Matthew. Matthew is smart, Amyas was a bit of a trickster, and they made a great team. I always thought I was very like Matthew, and a lot like Amyas too. I watched the show with my brother as a little kid, and seeing a brother duo on there felt right somehow. Amyas gets extra points for being in the '89 episodes.

    Adam Reid. Another very smart kid, and probably the only one to get himself on the show instad of being picked. His personality is easygoing, but a bit neurotic, and he gets bonus points for sharing my name.

    Doug Ptolomy. He's hillarious. He can pair with Vanessa, Adam, or Alisdair with great results, or does fine on his own. There's something about Dougie that hints at a nasty, mean personality, but without Malice. I got the same gist from Ted Wilson. Which is a great segue into...

    Ted Wilson. He's funny, gross, and the ugliest kid ever on the show. Any time Ted's on, you know you'll laugh.

    Christine McGlade. She's a comic genius, what more can I say. I've always been surprised she didn't have much success after the show. When boring, bland Alanis was the successful one, I was very supprised. Christine's timing and pandering attitude made the show, and without her it would have never been the success it was.

    Lisa Ruddy. She pairs better with Christine than anyone else, and her motormouth character was always funny. Lisa got some of the best lines and some great scenes.

    Honorable mention, in no particular order, to:

    Stephanie Chow
    Alisdair Gillis know
    Andrea Byrne
    Amy Stanley, who would have carried the whow in a 1991 season and beyond
    Jill Stanley
    Stephanie Bauder
    Chris Bickford
    Christian Tessier. He was great in The Tomorrow People
    Les Lye. There's really no way to do the show without him and have it be the same.

    and a few I don't particularly like:
    Alanis Morrissette - blah. Boring, bland, and not at all funny. She was always kinda cute though. And I hear she's a decent singer.
    Justin Cammy - He always came off as a bit of a dick.
    Kevin Ward - He's always bragging about how he helps write. You never heard Adam doing that.
    Nick Belcourt - His entire schtick is that he isn't really Ted. I'm not either. Get over it.

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    My favorite cast members are:


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