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Thread: Moose in the dungeon?

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    Default Moose in the dungeon?

    is it true there were episodes where moose was chained up in the dungeon?
    if she was thrown in the dungeon in an episode, what happened in the sketch? was she slimed? watered? tortured in any way?
    I ask becuz I figure they never wanted to use the younger girls in scenes like that becuz it could be construed as kind of weird chaining some underage girl to a wall-but moose was older so she could have done a scene like this. did she ever?

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    I'm almost positive there was at least one scene with Moose in the dungeon in one of the 1979 episodes, but beyond that I'm not sure. Anyway, in that scene, she was not slimed, watered, or tortured.
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    that was the 1982 episode "Cosmetics" when Moose was chained in detention room, the principal gived to her some "fontain of youth" cream when she turned 10 years longer but the principal said she'll stay in detention room for more 10 years.

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    She was also in the dungeon in the '79 episode 'Executive Washroom', though I think then that was the school detention room.
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