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Thread: Lance Prevert=Homer Simpson? You Decide

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    Default Lance Prevert=Homer Simpson? You Decide

    I watched an old Simpsons clip last night on youtube and was suddenly struck by how similar Homer Simpson was to Lance Prevert. Though I never really liked Homer who has trouble putting a string of two intelligible sentences together, I at least have always liked Lance Prevert who can carry on a nearly intelligent conversation amid all the burps and drunken slurs. But other then that, the two are fairly similar. They make no bones about drinking too much, both live on the spot in front of the tv, both have no respect from their kids, or any control over them for that matter, both make lousy decisions, both eat too much, and both have hardly any smarts.

    Anyone else notice this or am I watching waaaay too much YCDTOTV of late? Can't help the latter though as I'm slowly going through the entire show from the disc I got from Barth.
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    You know I have never noticed that until you pointed it out . But now that I think about it they are very similar.

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    That's the style of sitcoms. The father is often shown as incompetent, bumbling, careless, alcoholic, etc. It may vary by degree, but usually the father is often the butt of many or most of the show's jokes.

    On "Family Guy," Peter is legally retarded. On "Home Improvement," Tim wasn't necessarily a failure or a total moron, but he's certainly portrayed as rather shallow and certainly no mental giant. On "All in the Family," Archie isn't a failure either, but he's certainly shown as ignorant, foolish, and rather stupid. On "Married... With Children," Al is portrayed as a bumbling, idiotic, mysogenistic failure. All of the above were also shown to enjoy alcohol, though not all were necessarily drunks. Men on sitcoms usually have have at least four of the following traits: stupid, uneducated, careless, a failure, loves alcohol, mysogenistic. Peter has all six; Tim has around 3; Archie has 4-5; Al has 5. Lance has 4; he's not a failure, and I guess mysogenism isn't a quality they could attribute to him on a kid's show even if he was.

    Again, that's the style of modern sitcoms. You'll usually have a naive, stupid father, an attractive but controlling manipulative wife(though not always), and then kids who are also manipulative among other things. I don't really like that as it sends a message to people that this is how normal families should be, but that's how it's portrayed on TV.
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