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Thread: YCDTOTV on Twitter

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    Default YCDTOTV on Twitter

    I don't... ah, almost got me!

    I'm not sure if anyone here uses Twitter, like I do, but it got me thinking if anyone from the YCDTOTV cast and/or crew uses it.

    Just for the sheer fun of it, I decided to find out. It turns out, a few of them do!

    Geoffrey Darby is on Twitter, as is Abby Hagyard. Incredibly, so is Christine McGlade.

    There might be others out there on Twitter, but if there are, no idea as to who else it could be.

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    Brodie Osome is also on there but his tweets are protected. Carole Hay (YCDTOTV drama coach) is on there as well but she hasn't tweeted. Moose hasn't tweeted since May.

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