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    Do any of you remember Circle Square? The way that I remember the Canadian 80s is as follows: You got your ethics/morals from Circle Square, you got your comedy from You Can't Do That On Television, and you got your drama from Degrassi. Those are the only Canadian shows I remember watching that had lots of teens and pre-teens as the main cast members.

    01. Circle Square (1974-1986) More info coming soon!
    02. You Can't Do That On Television (1979-1990) 143 Episodes
    03. Whatever Turns You On (1979) 13 Episodes
    03. The Kids Of Degrassi Street (1979-1986) 26 Episodes
    04. Degrassi Junior High (1987-1988) 42 Episodes
    05. Degrassi High (1989-1991) 29 Episodes

    All of the Degrassi series' are available on DVD now!

    Degrassi web pages

    The Trinity Broadcasting Network has been playing reruns of Circle Square, on and off again since 2000. I think TBN was the original network that also aired the show in the 80s in the U.S. This is TBN's webpage for Circle Square The network that used to air Circle Square in Canada during the 80s was GLOBAL.

    Circle Square was produced by Crossroads Christian Communications Family of Ministries. 100 Huntley Street, Toronto. Crossroads Television Systems is the distributor. They don't have any plans right now to release all the Circle Square episodes to DVD for mass/public outlets like Amazon, Chapters or BarnesandNoble.

    Circle Square on Bruce Mann takes care of that program in Burlington, Ontario. 1-905-331-7333 (extention 3232)

    Circle Square web pages

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    whoa! i've never heard of 'circle square' before, but after watching these clips, i'd LOVE to get my hands on some dvds of full episodes...

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    this is amazing stuff well done dude

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    Circle Square won't be put out on DVD, ever according to Crossroads Christian Communication. It's private!

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