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    The other night I had an odd dream. Pro Wrestling fans may appriciate this. In my dream, YCDTOTV had "gone over to TNA" for 1991-1994, and there were 3 whole seasons of lost episodes, with different but familiar sets, a few new kids, and a lot of "just too old" kids wearing makeup to look younger.

    The sets were different but familiar. The Link Set was busier, with more spheres in the background and new carpet on the risers. The firing squat was in front of a smokestack instead of a post, the prevert house had different wallpaper, but the same furniture, etc.

    As for the kids, there were a few holdovers from 1990: Ted, Chris, Amyas, Christian, Jen, Jill and Amy, and there were a few new kids too. I think I was even one of them. (You know, in 1994 I'd have been about old enough...if only I was canadian...then again, the show was moved to orlando for the dream). Also inb the mix were Vanessa, Adam Reid, Doug, Matthew, Kevin Kubusheske, Stephanie Chow, Andrea Byrne, and a few others who were too vauge to remember all appeared, in heavy makeup to make them look younger. The episodes weren't tied to Carelton Productions, CJOH, or Nickelodeon, and only aired as "bootlegs" in distant countries, never in america. Les and Abby were there of course.

    The dream was awesome, and I wanted to share it with you all. Did anyone else ever have any odd You Can't Do That on Television related dreams?

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    That sounds awesome and exceedingly detailed! I don't think I've had the pleasure of a YCDTOTV dream....... yet!
    "I heard that!"

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    I had another dream about this last night. Very detailed this time.

    For the 1991 season, Chris wasn't around much, and only is a special guest sort of way, like Vanessa in Age. Amyas and Andrea were sort of co-hosts, like Vanessa and Doug in late 86 and 87. Some of the older kids were there as occasional guests too, and some full time. If Alasdair, Chris, or Christine showed up, they got to host. Otherwise, Amyas and Andrea would take turns, or do it together.

    I'm now inspired to do a bit of a fan-fictionesque fake "episode guide" for the TNA years of YCDTOTV from my dreams. Hopefully, more will come and more details will arise.

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    it is always soo interesting to read this forum!

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