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    Question Slime Effect

    I was wondering if yall could help me with something?

    I'm hosting a Classic (80's) Nickelodeon Fan Meet in October and one of the most iconic things about Nick has always been their green slime. Of course that was back when it was nice and thick and lumpy the way slime is SUPPOSED to look not like now when it looks like green oil! But I digress.

    Anyway I'd like to make the slime a part of our fan meet but since it's in a hotel banquette room I can't really make real slime to poor all over each other. I was thinking more along the lines of decorating with it or at least some form of it somehow.

    I had thought about buying some light green plastic table cloths and cutting them in a dripping patter and hanging them around the room but IDK if it'll work or not.

    What I wish I could do is have a corner of the room set up for pictures and make the fake slime look like itís being pored onto the person standing under it then click, take the picture. But it would have to be something that wouldn't ruin their cloths or the carpet.

    So I figured that since everyone here is so clever that perhaps you could help me think of something.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Well, you could always do a real pour over in the tub. I know in the later years they used shampoo so the hair wouldn't get totally wrecked. I think some of the blobs were oatmeal. as well. I know that somewhere on this message board are a couple of recipes for slime. Then there's also that classic nickelodeon slime shampoo. Dunno if it's still available or not, but wouldn't hurt to look it up.
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