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Episode No: 3

Title: Episode Three


The Network Spokesman apologies once again, saying that a Kermit the Frog special will air instead. On the link set, Paul is shown putting on a green sock with ping pong balls attached. Since Kermit can't be found, "DLN!" carries on. The gang complains about their lack of money and plan to have a fund drive, like with most Public Television stations.

Max and Paul both trick the pirate into walking off his own plank. Paul visits a bank in the first educational segment, where he deposits $10.02. Lisa calls the Fire Department seeking donations but gets an answering machine. Max is sent to an observatory in the second educational segment. There are more jokes on the bench in the hallway and Adam is called into the office.

The kids play with their food because Dad keeps eating their board game pieces. In the end, the gang raises $108.25 in pledges but have to use it all to pay the show's collect phone fees.


  • This episode has a break halfway through to promote a Public Radio program called "The Spider's Web" including the use of two "DLN!" bumpers.
  • Memorable line: Violet (the camp cook) says "Hey, shut up and eat!"
  • They use the 1-800 number and local Boston number, but add the 617 area code during the show because another person was getting tons of calls.

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Air Date: October 16, 1983

Starring: Ronda Berkman, Paul Branco, Max Casella (as Max Deitch), Adam Gulinello, Dhonyale Jones, David Perrigo, Lisa Rosman

Writer(s): Roger Price, Geoffrey Darby

Director(s): Geoffrey Darby


The Manhattans - "Crazy"
Toto - "Waiting for Your Love"
Loverboy - "Queen of the Broken Hearts"