Episode No: 16

Title: Transportation - or - Get This Show on the Road


Ross continually says certain phrases that put Christine in some unfortunate situations, including, but not limited to, being shot with a cannon, falling from an airplane without a parachute, getting slimed, shutting down her car and being rolled up in a carpet and moved across town. Meanwhile, Randi has troubles with his car, particularly when he takes it to be made into a compact car.

Production: Pot Hole


  • Despite the editing made to make this hour-long, local episode into a 28-minute Nickelodeon episode, this episode still has several references that would make sense if the episode was local -- the most notable of these references being the shot where Christine falls without a parachute. The background was put in with special effects and one of the locations she falls past is Parliament Hill, which, of course, is where the parliament buildings are in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Transportation - You Can't Do That On Television, Vol. 1

Original Air Date: January 31, 1981

US Air Date: January 06, 1982

Starring: Randi Akiwenzie, Les Lye, Christine McGlade, Brodie Osome, Kevin Schenk, Kevin Somers

Writers: Geoffrey Darby, Roger Price, the crew

Director: Geoffrey Darby


Green Slime: Christine McGlade
Water: Christine McGlade


  • unknown