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Double Dare (1986) music?

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  • Double Dare (1986) music?

    Does anybody have the music rom Double Dare? Syndicated or otherwise? I knew there was a pack released right before doubledare.TV went down (most if not all post-syndication), but shortly after I downloaded it, my hard drive crashed, and I lost it all. The Television Production Museum has them (most if not all post-syndication), but I have not the means on my macbook pro to do an audio stream capture.

    If anybody has any clear 1986 cues, I would REALLY appreciate it. The most I had was the bumper cue from an early 1986 episode - synth, no guitars/horns - when the audience was muted for the bumper music in one of those rare episodes. Lost it to HD crashes as well.

    Any help I get is appreciated.

    If not, I think I have the means, if I could re-create the synth sounds I could try to re-create the cues.

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    I've got two really clear files. One is the opening music and the other is the obstacle course music. Send me a private message with your e-mail and I'll send them to you.

    Rob Homa
    Slime Society "Info Dude" since 1995!


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      Can you give it to me as well?


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        back to the childhood


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          Its remind me my early life, its a great part of my life
          i love it