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"how to throw a double dare party"

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  • "how to throw a double dare party"

    I dunno if things have changed since the years ago when people were requesting videos and TV episodes to be uploaded, if not allowed let me know, but does anybody have "How to Throw a Double Dare Party" / can upload it?

    EDIT:I was wondering by the bye, according to one website the video has the entire obsticale course music, clean w/ no sfx. Is it the post syndication (1988 - 1992) version, or pre-syndication (1986 - 198 version?
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    Now see, it’s reasons like this why I’m so glad that I joined this forum!

    I was looking around eBay for a bunch of Classic Nickelodeon stuff and one of the things I just happen to find was a book called “The Double Dare Game Book” by Daniella Burr and copyrighted in 1988.

    The chapters are as follows:

    Chapter One – The Questions
    Chapter Two – Let’s Get Physical
    Chapter Three – Super Sloppy Physical Challenges
    Chapter Four – Messy Munchies and Super Sloppy Food
    Chapter Five – Have a Double Dare Party!

    The entire chapter is 17 pages front and back and includes one black and white picture. If you like I could make copies of those pages for you and physically mail them to you since that is way too much for me to type out.

    Let me know what you think. You can either email me on here or my email is

    Official Classic Nickelodeon Fan Meet Website

    Classic Nickelodeon Fan Blog

    A New Beginning for Classic Nickelodeon



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      Now see, itís reasons like this why Iím so glad that I joined this forum!

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        ok, well i know this thread is old, but in case you still need this - i have 4 double dare specials on dvd > double dare: messiest moments / double dare: the inside scoop / how to throw a double dare party / double dare: super sloppiest moments - all pretty nice quality considering they were from 20 y/o vhs tapes.. i also think i have a couple old double dare episodes somewhere - i haven't watched them in a while, but from what i remember the quality wasn't the greatest on those, but still watchable..