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Anniversary of Les's Passing

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  • Anniversary of Les's Passing

    The moment that Les Lye paassed away is etched in my mind, and will be until the day i pass away or lose my mind...witchever comes first. Its been a tough year with him gone.
    Our family found it tough on his birthday, and around the holidays. times like christmas when he would pain his front window in a holiday scene, or halloween when he would make the front of his home spooky. Nothing else to say right now so i guess ill leave it at that.
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    I feel for you, man.

    I've lost 3 out of four grandparents, one of them not three weeks after my 8th birthday (at which she was in relatively good health).

    In my own experience it hurts less the more time passes, but it's different for everyone.


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      The legend grows more when our favorite people leave this Earth, more so than when they were alive with us.


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        I feel for you to Josh. For whatever it's worth, everyone that remembers him from television mourned his loss as well. Two thousand-nine saw the passing of many great celebrities, and I personally count your grandfather among them. But I can only imagine how great of a man he was to you and your family. I've lost one grandmother already and I've since come to realize that the other grandparents remaining won't be around forever.


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          I just can't believe how many legends we've lost over the last year and a half. The ones I mourn the most are Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan (yes, I am a Golden Girls fan too), and of course Les Lye. It's been five years almost since my maternal grandmother passed on and family gatherings still aren't the same without her. You never really stop missing someone you've loved and lost, but you just have to remember they're always in your heart and as long as you have your memories they're never really completely gone. I'm very close to my maternal grandfather and am not looking forward to the inevitable. Heck, I was a wreck after we had to put my dog to sleep last fall.

          Josh, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am sure also in thoughts of many on this board.
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            The first anniversary of a loved one's passing is always the toughest. While you never stop missing your grandfather, Josh, time does ease the pain.

            Take comfort by treasuring your memories of the times you and the family had with Les.

            It will get better. Trust me, I know from experience.
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              A death of a loved one is never easy. It's close to the 4th aniv of my dad's death I still have sad days/
              Dugh I heard that!!