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Christian Tessier came out of the Closet!!

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  • Christian Tessier came out of the Closet!!

    I wonder if this will stir a lot of views. Catchy title, eh?

    Just wanted to say that I noticed Christian Tessier in an old BBC version of the Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe. Actually, I finally remembered it. I was just dreaming about chaos, chaos, & it came to my mind. I was dreaming and I thought to myself (both at the same time) hey, that's Christian from YCDTOTV.After that, I was at the Red Box looking throught some movies and saw a teeny tiny picture of the cover of the movie. All I could see was the red hair, but I knew who it was. No Mistake!! How awesome is that!?Wow!
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    Who's he!
    Can green slime be a different color?


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      Yes I love that version of the chronicles of narnia. The american-style movies blow chunks and don't follow the books at all. But thank goodness the british already did the series so at least I can watch a movie that follows the intent of the books and has a better cast too. Just wish the special effects could have been a little better. But hey you can't have everything I guess.


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        The disney narnia movies don't follow the books at all except that they kept all the same names for the characters. They focused on special effects and took away from dialogue and character development.
        I hate whenever they make a movie based on a book and then don't stay true to the book.


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          it ain't him, check his IMDB profile here Narnia movies for BBC or otherwise...nowhere in sight.

          plus, I think he once did a fake brit accent on YC and wasn't very good.

          all the kids in the BBC Narnia shows had flawless accents, and I'm going to guess that they didn't have the budget for something like coaching in that department

          (you have to admit, the BBC version of Narnia looks like it was shot in someone's back yard with a VHS camcorder)

          here's hoping this doesn't turn into another "Alasdair was really born in 1982" thread.


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            Blundering Blunderhead

            [COLOR="Blue"]I diligently researched this. I went right out and rented the movie. You are right & I am wrong]Any ways, the role of EDMUND in the BBC version of Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe was NOT played by Christian Tessier (I was wrong) but it WAS/ IS played by Jonathan R Scott.<<I guess he's the one who came out of the closet
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            "Multiple personality? They haven't got ANY personality on this show. Oh!"


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              People are gonna come in looking for one thing and find out another now.
              Can green slime be a different color?