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What Clothes Did They Wear?

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  • What Clothes Did They Wear?

    When the cast members got drenched/slimed, were they wearing their own clothes, or clothes the studio provided them?

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    I think they wore their own clothes, but the leather jacket that chris bickford wore belonged to the studio.


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      I'm pretty sure the wardrobe was all provided by the studio.

      In later seasons it can be easy to tell from the first few links who's going to get slimed: it's usually the kid that's con****uously over- or under-dressed. (I can't say con****uous, as in easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable; attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities? I wonder if I can say ****ake mushrooms, or *****rdly, as in reluctant to give or spend; stingy; miserly; meanly or ungenerously small or scanty. Yep anything that looks like it might be a swear word or racial slur gets automatically censored. That's a bit like everyone who wanted to permanently remove the words twin and tower from the english language after... you know.)

      If one kid is wearing shorts and a ratty t-shirt (and no one else is), he's getting slimed.
      If a girl is wearing an expensive-looking, frilly dress, dollar to a dime it's getting wrecked with slime before the half-hour is up. (And don't forget Vanessa's I'm-guessing-out-of-necessity change from her white overalls to that strange purple dress in Television)
      50/50 Chris' leather jacket's getting slimed and/or watered, but miraculously is never ruined by it.
      ************************************************** ************************ - was meant as a joke, but has already gone too far.
      If Kevin is wearing a tie, 90% chance he's getting it.
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        I don't think it mattered with Jill Stanley because she got slimed in almost every episode she was in.


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          Jill never got her jean skirt slimed but only got slimed once while wearing it.


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            Ugh...I thought we'd been through this.
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