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Favorite Les Lye Characters.

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  • Favorite Les Lye Characters.

    Which was your favorite character that Les Lye played? I had to leave a couple of characters out of the poll because of the poll size limit, sorry.
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    I would have to say Barth
    Mr. Agent


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      althogh senator prevert's are thje most orignal,barth hass a better style to it.


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        Without a doubt, it has to be Blip.

        I have said many times in the many forums here that if I had a bit part in any YCDTOTV scene, I would have my 20 minutes to talk with Blip.

        I mean, he was such a character and although sometimes the jokes about "the noise of them plopping have to go to at least Hong Kong before you will be able to play again", those skits are just timeless.

        Oh, what would I be talking about with Blip...

        How the evolution of arcade machines have changed through the years
        Favorite arcade games of the Atari era
        Creative ways to get my quarters back out of the slots without using a magnet
        I am positive there has to be a better way!

        Matt Z.


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          I would say the doctor, if only because I'm a big Groucho Marx fan! (As indicated by my signature).
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            Ross was always my favorite. Just so darn mean to those kids. I was always rooting for him to be hit with the slime or water.
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              Blip rocks!

              i always loved blip for some reason. i have no idea why though.

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                i like lance prevert. but you have to remember that he played two different doctors. one was sorta like G. marx and the other was some wierd character


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                  Ross was always my favourite. He had phenomenal comic vulnerability, because although he was officially the one in charge of all the kids, he was actually kind of a low-level authority figure who couldn't really control them. Although bombastic, he was wonderfully long-suffering, and he did a great slow-burn in response to the comic abuse he received.

                  I learned a lot from watching Ross when I was a kid, and I'm proud to say that I finally got to really use it in a show I did last month, and will be doing again for 3 days in August. I took a lot of comic punishment (including getting run-over offstage and having 15 seconds to change into a tattered, dirt-smeared costume with tire tracks on it), and had the audiences screaming with laughter!

                  So I owe Ross (and Les) a huge debt of gratitude!
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                    Favorite Les Lye Characters

                    Hmm, my favorite Les Lye characters...I once listed my top three favorites in an old post that has since disappeared. (It probably didn't survive the revamping of the site.)

                    So, with Chris's permission,(implied), I hereby recycle my old post.

                    (As David Letterman) From the home office in Kansas City, Kansas, here are Friendly Fred's top three Les Lye characters....

                    3. Ross Ewich. A more money-oriented stage director who has "seen everything" you will never find. (and the name sounds like 'raw sewage'! )

                    2. Mr. Shidtler. Proof positive that the worst student in the College of Education...can become the worst teacher in the history of education.

                    And the number one favorite Les Lye character (drum roll, please)...

                    1. Barth. Whether "controlling" the pet population, dodging the Board of Health or causing indigestion in a generation of children, Barth has become a part of the Canadian and American lexicons. His very name means "vomit' both as a noun and as a verb.

                    Honorable mentions go to the Doctor and the Principal, but my favorites are Ross, Shidtler and Barth.

                    Till next time, my fellow Slimies!
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                      1. Ross

                      2. Snake Eyes

                      3. The Capitano

                      4. Lance


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                        Hard to choose...

                        Les was an absolutely brilliant character actor and a pleasure to work with.
                        I, too, have a hard time picking a favorite - but right up there is El Capitano - "that's one sneaky kid".
                        I also loved Barth, Blip and Dad.
                        Also must give huge credit to Liz Ciesluk for all of her amazing character makeups...
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                          Barth is the one I probably like the most. And also the Unfairy Godmother from the Not-So-Fair Show episode.

                          Brenda, did you ever help write any of Les' characters at all or have any hand in it?


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                            Favorite Les Lye Characters.

                            either Barth or Lance Prevert.

                            Like Ross said when he sampled Lisa's and Christine's pies:

                            "It's a toss-up..."

                            "Water you gonna watch now?" (gets doused)

                            "I don't know" (gets slimed)


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                              For the longest time I never knew the mom and dad characters had names lol. 'Prevert'!? That's hilarious..I wonder if that's a play on the word 'pervert' lol.

                              I kinda wonder....what does the 'senator' in Senator Prevert mean????

                              Anyways I think my favorite Les Lye character would have to be Mr.Shidtler.....he was great doing those really curmudgeon type roles lol.
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