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Question about the ycdtotv kids

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    I agree with you that did they really show the kids on the show drinking coffee? was moose drinking coffee in that pic?" and wouldnt the cast bea bit young to be depicted having coffee in the firstplace?

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      I was watching a really old 1981 episode called "Work" and it reminded me of this thread. There is a scene where one of the kids is talking to Lisa about how he's tired and "really needs this coffee"-then says "whered you get this coffee-it tastes like mud!" to which Ross replies "It should, it was ground this morning" -makes me wonder, do kids that young in Canada really drink coffee? ( because its the "national drink") Or is that part of the mythology of the show like " we're the bad show so we let kids drink coffee" ? As I
      ve mentioned in the past I saw Moose drinking it a lot-but shes like 20 at the time. The kid in this clip was like ten! I know nobody cares about this topic but me, but I just find it weird.


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        "Ah, my first sip of coffee... and my last!".

        I like Irish Breakfast tea - bag or leaves.


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          Kids don't generally drink coffee because they don't like it. There's nothing inherently wrong with them doing so. It just doesn't appeal to a juvinille pallet, or whatever.