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Which episode was this scene in?

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  • Which episode was this scene in?

    Every year I go looking around to see if YCDTOTV has been released on DVD, and every time I am saddened to see it has not.

    There is one sketch out of the many wonderful ones I recall that I remember the most, and I'm not sure which episode it is.

    It starts with the parents walking up to the front door with a kid in tow. The kid is so happy that he is getting to live with the family, but as he goes to walk in the door the parents stop him. The proceed to put a collar and lease on him and point out the dog house out side to him, saying that is where is going to stay.

    The punch-line of the sketch was that adopting a kid was cheaper than it would have cost for them to adopt a dog.

    I might be considered a bit mean spirited but I thought it was such a funny sketch I laughed for a long time, and would tell my friends who didn't get to see it about it.

    Is this a sketch from the banned episode? I do recall other bits of the episode, but this one sketch out of the whole series sticks with me the most.

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    It is indeed from the banned "Adoption" episode.
    "Without a song or dance, what are we? So I say 'Thank you for the music', for giving it to me...."


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      And the kid in question was none other than Doug Ptolemy.


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        I don't know if you know about this so please tell me....


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          yeah... interesting and funny


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            I am not sure but LastoftheGypsies may be right.


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              I don't about this because I don't see this ....