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What is your favorite memory about YCDTOTV

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  • What is your favorite memory about YCDTOTV

    I remember sitting down with my cousins Julie and Jenny to watch this. For some reason we thought this was about the best show ever at the time and missing it would make us almost cry. I remember sitting in my grandparents room and watching this show on their small TV they had sitting at the end of their bed. What do you remember?

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    I don't necessarily have a favorite memory of YCDTOTV, but I do have a least favorite. I remember being extremely upset every year at Christmas time because I would always miss the Christmas episode. At the time, Nickelodeon only showed it at Christmas, and I would always be in North Carolina to visit my grandmother (who didn't have cable). It was years before I ever saw that episode. That was a 1984 episode, and I probably didn't get to see it until 1989!


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      It's weird for me a little, because I watched this show so much when it was on, but I don't have many specific memories. I think I watched way too much tv when I was younger though.


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        I remember when Christine got water dumped on her and she said Wait a minute! I didn't say Water. She got water dumped on her again. I remember when Alanis said. I don't know and she got slimed. Alasdair came up to her and he said. Alanis you're not supposed to say I don't know on the show or you'll get slimed and he got slimed too. That was funny. In one episode Ross told the kids that they don't want the Russians to know any of the secrets of the show and Adam asked. What secrets are you are talking about Ross? Ross said Secrets like what Russians want to know like what green slime is made of. Adam says Well Ross they're not going to find out from me, I don't know green slime's made of myself and he got slimed. I was laughing when I saw that.


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          The three episodes that I remember most were "Television", "Illness" with the infected slime, and the "Justice and Injustice" episode (as it was the only episode I still had on tape after the show dissapeared from Nick.) Many years later, I found this site and started the tape trading but for years, all I had to rely on was my memory and I actually remember a lot of the episodes pretty well as it was my favorite show for many years.


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            I was flipping the channels one day in 1984 when I was four and discovered the show. I watched it regularly 1984-1987. I remembered a few sketches really well over the years. Two are:

            1) It's picture day in class and the teacher is telling everyone what they're gonna be when they grow up and Dougie says, "and there's teacher, he's dead."

            2) Adam is in detention and he's saying he needs to go to the bathroom right away or he's gonna explode. Then he leaves the room and explodes.


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              Favorite memories

              1. The episode with the Yellow Line that falls on people instead of green slime. No one else in the world seems to remember it, but I swear I saw it. I was in like, kindgergarten. It must have been around 1984.

              2. The episode where Kevin is hiding in his gym locker and when the coach opens the door, he's cringing in there wearing a belly shirt...aka half shirt...those shirts cut like 6 inches above your bellybutton that guys used to wear.

              3. The episode with the communists where the Russian Ross appears and says "You capeeetaleeest peeeegs!"


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                Lance - are you sure you're not thinking of "Don't Look Now"? This was a clone of YCDTOTV that Darby & Price made for PBS in 1983 and featured "Yellow Yuck" instead of green slime (the trigger phrase was "Don't blame me!"). Despite high ratings, it lasted only six episodes. I would kill for the chance to see an episode of that...

                My first memory of YCDTOTV is actually not one of the episodes, but of the promo for the 1984 Slime-In sweepstakes, which features a slime-covered Christine and a kid with an armful of YCDTOTV goodies (could this be minor '84 cast member Andrew Burke? Sure looks like him) getting slimed at the end. This clip was put up on YouTube recently. It scared the bejeezus out of me (I was four years old at this time!), especially slime-covered Moose.

                The first episode I saw all the way through was "Movies" from '85 - the one where all the kids are screen-tested for YCDTOTV: The Movie, and not only fail their screen tests, but to add insult to injury, are slimed. The green slime had scared me majorly before, but after I saw this episode all the way through, I couldn't get enough. I also have an aunt named Kristine (Tina), so I thought Christine, with all her sarcastic wit and wisdom, was just the coolest person on God's green earth.

                Another favorite memory is the "Illness" episode with the infected slime which was already mentioned here. I made my mother tape that one for me while I was away at Catechism class (or as I called it at the time, "Cataclysm" class, because it kept me away from my YCDTOTV!). It was one I hadn't seen before and I must have watched it over and over until the tape wore out!

                And getting the Worst of YCDTOTV videocassette for Christmas in 1989 was a huge treat. It also helped me get over my trepidation about the then-"new" 1989 cast, since Christian, Chris and Jennifer made such good hosts. I would still love to see the shelved 1987 version though with Vanessa, Adam and Doug!


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                  Good chance that's what it was! Glad I posted here, now I know the answer to pretty much a lifelong mystery!


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                    First time poster, long time fan.
                    Used to watch the show every time it was on Nickelodeon. Probably the only favorite memory I have of the show was that I used have a big crush on Christine.


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                      I remember watching YCDTOTV with my grandfather. I always got a kick out of the opposite sketches. I was in love with Lisa as well. There was just so many great things about the show.

                      Marge: Homer, the plant called today and said that if you don't go in tomorrow, do bother coming in on Monday.

                      Homer: Whoo Hoo!! FOUR DAY WEEKEND!!


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                        I loved seeing all the girls slimed. It was fun seeing the girls slimed. I would love to see a movie made and show it at the theatres.


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                          What is your favorite memory about YCDTOTV

                          I have a lot of 'favorite memories' but I'll tell about some of my favorite scenes:
                          My favorite episode was the Music ep with Alanis Morissette where Ross gave the 'Green Slimes' dinky instruments. "Alanis, you're the guitarist (gives her a ukelele); Stephanie, you're the horn player (gives her a kazoo); (I forgot who he gives the toy piano to...Vanessa?); and Christine, you're the drummer." (gives her bongos to play with); and they stomp on Alasdair's feet to get him to 'sing'.... hilarious!

                          Also, "Talking Movies" with Alasdair and Adam Reid was genius!

                          I also remember the promo for the 'new' (1989?) season: "The stupid old episodes of You Can't Do That on Television will not be seen in order that we may bring you the stupid NEW episodes of You Can't Do That on Television."

                          "Water you gonna watch now?" (gets doused)

                          "I don't know" (gets slimed)


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                            Originally posted by JillStanley View Post
                            I loved seeing all the girls slimed. It was fun seeing the girls slimed. I would love to see a movie made and show it at the theatres.
                            Why not the boys too?
                            Can green slime be a different color?


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                              Future DVD release???

                              Do you think PBS will ever release Don't Look Now? And has anyone here ever looked into it? I'd like to see that, too.
                              "Multiple personality? They haven't got ANY personality on this show. Oh!"