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What is your favorite memory about YCDTOTV

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    Favorite Memories

    The big bird celebrity roast!!!

    The group sliming at the end of justice and injustice
    The Slime Maker


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      Originally posted by DontEncourageHim View Post
      I forgot who he gives the toy piano to...Vanessa?
      Actually it was Adam Reid. Vanessa wasn't in that particular episode.


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        I remember my dad being disenchanted with Les's character Ross, especially since they had the same name. My brother and I used to watch this all the time, but I only got to watch it in the summer since that was the time I would visit my dad and he had cable and my mom did not.
        "I heard that!"


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          Mine would have to be the time Christine got slimed 5 times in one sketch, in the "Television" episode.


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            I distinctly remember watching the closing credits in 1983, and seeing that it was produced in Canada.

            I should explain that I also watched the Johnny Carson show in those days, and he had recently had on one of his favorite guests, Rich Little, the most famous Canadian impressionist of his day.

            Rich Little explained to Johnny that in the Canadian accent they did not say 'about', they said 'aboot'.

            So the next day I listened carefully to the YCDTOTV actor's pronunciation.

            To my surprise they seemed to use the word 'about' once or twice every sentence! And every other sentence seemed to be "At's what it's all aboot, eh?" At least the two Kevin's always said this.

            To my ears what they said sounded more like "a-beyyyoot".